Method 1 — Create as Many Blank Characters as you Like

The method that is elegantly simple yet incredibly powerful just Specifies how many blank characters you want; you will enter and it will generate the exact number of spaces. Simply copy it and your invisible characters are ready according to your choice and needs.

Method 2 — Copy Invisible Space Using Button

Just a Single Click! Select Blank characters effortlessly and then copy them to your clipboard. If it does not function properly on your device use the next method.

Test it!

To test it, Paste an Empty Character in the Text Box below, to check the result Instantly. Or you can use online character count to count the number of invisible characters!

Method 3 — Copy Blank text Manually

Here another option if the previous one does not work. Select the empty text and copy it manually. This method allows you to copy the Invisible text based on your needs.

Blank Character

Want to copy and paste Blank text or Empty Space?

With only one click, you can create empty or blank text with an invisible text generator. The blank space can be copied and pasted for a variety of uses.

What is blank character?

Blank character is a invisible text that doesn't physically appear on the screen but exists in the code and takes up space just like other characters. 

These symbols are frequently used to format text, regulate spacing, or even change data. They are, quite literally, hidden in plain sight.

Although blank characters can't be seen with the human eye, they have a lot of power. They can be used to improve the text's aesthetics, improving its attractiveness and readability. 

The table of several empty Unicode characters is shown below. To copy the characters, click or tap on them.

Unicode Description Example
U+200B Zero Width Space []
U+200C Zero Width Non-Joiner []
U+200D Zero Width Joiner []
U+200E Left-To-Right Mark []
U+200F Right-To-Left Mark []
U+2028 Line Separator [ ]
U+2029 Paragraph Separator [ ]
U+202A Left-To-Right Embedding []
U+202B Right-To-Left Embedding []
U+202C Pop Directional Formatting []
U+202D Left-To-Right Override []
U+202E Right-To-Left Override []
U+202F Narrow No-Break Space [ ]
U+2060 Word Joiner []
U+2061 Function Application []
U+2062 Invisible Times []
U+2063 Invisible Separator []
U+2064 Invisible Plus []
U+2066 Left-To-Right Isolate []
U+2067 Right-To-Left Isolate []
U+2068 First Strong Isolate []

They are frequently employed, for instance, to increase the amount of space between lines or words, which enhances the clarity of the entire content.

Why Use an Invisible Character?

You can easily send an empty message using this tool. Simply copy and paste blank text and use it right away.

Streamlined Process

Generating text has never been easier. With no installation required, you can say goodbye to the time-consuming process of downloading and setting up software. 

Instead, you can access the copy paste blank character tool instantly, saving precious time.

Copy-Paste Convenience

Imagine having the ability to generate text with a simple copy-paste action. An invisible text generator offers this convenience. 

Whether you're working on a project, writing code, or crafting content, copy and paste empty text has never been more straightforward.

Testing Made Effortless

Testing and fine-tuning your text is a breeze with an empty character. This feature allows you to experiment with different variations until you find the perfect fit for your needs. 

It's an invaluable resource for developers, writers, and anyone who demands precision in their text.

Cost-Free Solution

Perhaps the most compelling reason to use an Empty Space is that it won't cost you a dime. In a world where software licenses and subscriptions can drain your budget, having access to a free, reliable text generation tool is a game-changer.

Where to Use Invisible Letters?

The versatility of Invisible Space means they can be used in various contexts across the digital landscape. The common places include:

In Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are an ideal playground for Invisible Characters. You can use them to create eye-catching captions, unique hashtags, or intriguing profile bios.

Web Design

Blank text play a significant role in web design. They can be used to fine-tune the spacing and layout of web pages, ensuring a polished and professional appearance.

Data Manipulation

Empty character are also useful in data manipulation. They can be employed in data processing to separate or format information effectively.

Gaming and Chat

Blank Character can be used by Fortnite players to customize their in-game experience. it's creating an intriguing username or adding a unique touch to your in-game messages, these characters offer endless possibilities.


Even if you input empty spaces, online texting services like WhatsApp do not let you send a blank message. You can accomplish this with Invisible Character without entering a single visible character.

Why Choose

Convenience and flexibility are crucial in the field of blank text generation. While there are other blank text generation tools available, sets itself apart by offering not just one or two but three unique methods to generate invisible characters effortlessly

This versatility caters to a wide range of users, from those who need precise control over the number of characters to those who prefer a quick one-click solution. Blank Character adapts to your preferences, making it the ideal choice for various text generation needs.

Supports multiple languages

Our Invisible character supports multiple languages. You can copy and paste invisible spaces like, English, Español, Indonesian, Français, Português, Deutsche, Русский, Türk, عربي, 日本語, ไทย, Tiếng Việt, Italiano, Polskie. Just Copy and enjoy it.